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Iterative Software Development

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Log4Net integration in ASP.NET MVC Documentation Model

The Documentation Model is founded on the notion that documentation is perfect when nothing more can be subtracted from it or consolidated within it without compromising an essential function. It should also be noted that categories of Certifiable and Ornate documentation can be produced automatically, if your organization requires, from the minimalist Perfect, documentation format.

To be most effective during development documentation benefits greatly from brevity and simplicity. Failure to heed this can result in missed requirements and misinterpreted requirements.




Project Proposal Document

Organization Management Plan

Program Requirements List

.ini requirement=description

Project Management Plan

Project Proposal


Project Schedule



User Requirements Doc

Organization Acceptance Criteria

Program Feature Specifications

.ini feature=description

System Requirements Doc

Program Requirements


System Acceptance Criteria



Configuration Management Plan

Organization CM Plan

Iterative Development Plan




Technical Implementation Doc

Project Development Plan

Sprint Burndown List


Project Management Plan




System Design Document

Program Design Document

Iterative Design Document

System Design, Test doc

base classes,

design for unit test

Object Hierarchy


Unit Test Plan

Program Test Plan

System Test Suite

VS test coverage, xUnit, automated test scripts

System Test Plan




System Documentation

System Manual

Html Manual and Help

Enterprise Architect Database, UML Design & code documentation

User Documentation

Program Manual


Dr Explain for web, .chm for desktop apps

Project Help System

Context Help System

Dr Explain for web, .chm for desktop apps

Production Release Document


Enterprise Architect custom doc template

System Deployment Document

Organization Deployment Document

Automatic Production Build script

Deployment script

Production Release Procedure

Program Release Doc

System test script

Production Installation Doc


Install script

None for web apps

System Training Manual

User Training and Acceptance Manual

Demo and Web Survey

Test Scripts and email

User Acceptance Test Plan

User Acceptance Manual

UAT Script

Supplement with manual test cases for complex requirements

Lessons Learned Document

Lessons Learned Docuement

Lessons Learned Meeting Minutes



Navigating the iterDev Process

The sections of this presentation are structured to be read once, sequentially, and then as needed in any order. The navigation links to the left and section descriptions below appear on every page.

To continue now with the Iterative Development Process, click each of the links to on the left in order. A brief description of each document's contents is below. The 'Home' link returns you to the home page.

Foreword - Home page and Author's Foreword to the Iterative Software Development web site.

Introduction - Introduction, Background and The Iterative Development Force Multiplier.

Iterative Process Model - The Iterative Development Process Model, its place in the Software Development Lifecycle and expected benefits.

Deliverable Prototype - The Deliverable Prototype, its down stream Advantages for projects and the Work Product that delivers them.

Development Process - The Iterative Development Process, Activities and their mapping to SDLC and a closer look at the core Iterative Development Cycle.

Project Delivery System - The Project Delivery System: Activities, Activity Specifications and how they combine to produce Managed Project Releases.

Epilog - A few final thoughts. A request for comments. What I hope to achieve with this site.